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  • Description
    ZIXU 30w jpt mopa fiber laser marking machine
    1.High Precision  Re-position precision is 0.001mm
    2.High Speed  High quality laser scanning system makes the marking speed up to 7000mm/s
    3.Easy Operating  Tranning vedio CD,trouble free
    4.10 Years Long Lifetime  Fiber laser device adopts MAX Technology. China top quality,100000 hours lifetime
    5.No consumables  Free of maintenance for 8~10 years
    6.Air Cooling  Adopts air cooling,excellent cooling effect than the other cooling method
    7.Attached laser protect glasses.Using imported professional PC (polycarbonate) lenses from Germany, adding strong filter factors, can effectively filter arc, infrared and ultraviolet light;
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    mopa laser source
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