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    plate embossing machine

    The nameplate Braille coding machine (embossing machine) is a necessary equipment for the production and processing of machine metal nameplates (placards). The function is to press the convex characters on the surface of the blank metal machine sign (nameplate) to make it identifiable and unique.
    The “WONDER” brand manual coder produced by our company has a reliable structure, accurate positioning, small size, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. Applicable to the use of equipment manufacturing equipment, equipment and steel distribution departments and other units to create machine signs (nameplates).
    plate embossing machine
    Second, the main technical parameters
    Applicable parts: Machine label/machine nameplate or metal sheet within 100mm×55mm
    1. Character selection: daisy-shaped character dial
    2. There are 41 built-in word codes:
            Uppercase English alphabet (26): A ~ Z
            Small Arabic numerals (10): 0~9
            Symbols (5): Φ×. - /
                  Code size: maximum 5*3MM; minimum 3*2MM
    3. Kerning interval: determined by character size.
    4. Operation method: manual
    5. Number of embossed lines: Determined according to the nameplate
    6. Braille position indication: position indicator and sample card
    7. Volume (L×D×H): 340×300×180 (mm)
    8. Machine Net Weight: 10.5 KG

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