Poker Tips

Below you will find some tips designed to help beginners becoming better poker players. Each of these tips are things that you should take to hearth and research further to become a good winning poker player.

  1. Make sure you know the rules of the type of poker you are going to play and that you understand the hand value. Might seem very basic but surprisingly many skip this step.
  2. Make sure that you are well rested and alert when playing.
  3. Avoid playing after consuming alcohol or other drugs,
  4. Learn about pots odds and practice what you learned.
  5. Learn bankroll management and follow good bankroll management.
  6. Do not be afraid to try new types of poker to find one that suits you. (observe first tip)
  7. Never play if you can not afford to lose the money.
  8. Do not play at too many tables at once. It can be tempting to multitable but if you play to many players you might lose money even if you have the skill to win while playing at fewer tables.
  9. Start at a low level and move up to a higher level when you are a solid consistently winning player on a level.
  10. Do not be afraid to move down a level if you start loosing after moving up. It is better to move down than to risk your bankroll. You can always try moving up again later.
  11. Read poker books
  12. Watch poker on TV
  13. Understand that the poker you see on TV is very different from the cash games you play in. If you play as they do in the final stages of a tournament during a cash game you will lose a lot of money.
  14. Do not be afraid to try new poker rooms.
  15. Grinding is a good way to increase your bankroll even if it can be boring.
  16. Do not underestimate the value of choosing a good poker room. It can be tempting to just choose a poker room at random but you will be much better of by taking the time to find a poker room that suits you and you needs. If you want to ignore this step. Register at a big well known poker room like pokerstars as they are a good all round alternative.
  17. Never choose a poker room based on the bonus they offer.
  18. Learn about outs and how to calculate odds from the number of outs.
  19. Do not fall in love with hands. Hands that started out as good hands can quickly turn into bad hands depending on what cards fall on the table and it is important to be able to discard your cards in these cases.
  20. Never stop trying to improve your game.