Poker Bonus

When you first get the idea to try online poker it might be very tempting to get the biggest bonus you can find. Hey it is free money isn’t it. The truth isn’t quite that simple and the days when the poker rooms offered string free bonuses are long gone. Poker bonuses can still give you a nice add on to your bankroll but they are not free money and it is not always best to get the biggest possible bonus for the following reasons:

  • The poker bonus will be associated with certain requirements before it is paid out. If you do not meet these requirements in time than the bonus expires and you end up with nothing in bonus. If the poker room in question requires you to meet certain requirements before you get the bonus (almost always the case) than it might be better to get a small bonus than it would be to target a bigger bonus that you are unlikely to earn. If the poker room in question pay you parts of the bonus as you earn them than it can be a good idea to get the maximum bonus because than you will get part of the bonus even if you end up getting less than the maximum bonus. An example of this is sites that deposit USD5 in your account every time you earned USD5 of your bonus.
  • The poker room that offer the best bonus might not be the best bonus for you. It is not worth playing at an unsuitable poker room just to get the bonus. The money you lose or don’t win is usually worth a lot more than the bonus. Make finding a good poker room priority one and look at the bonus as a bonus, nothing more.
  • You might have to deposit more money than you can afford to deposit to get the maximum bonus. You might than be tempted to play for this money when they are in your poker account and if you have bad luck you might actually feel forced to play for money you can not afford to lose to earn the bonus, if you have the money in the poker account this temptation can be even greater. The cardinal rule of poker is to never play with money you can not lose.
  • The bonus is an incitement for you to register and play in their poker room. The best poker rooms do not need to lure you with big bonuses in the same way as the small more unknown poker site have to. The biggest bonuses will therefore almost always be found at sites that are suboptimal choices.
  • The biggest bonus might not be the most generous one. You should also look at how much you need to play to earn that bonus. It is easy and profitable for a poker room to give you a very big bonus if they also have high requirements for you to earn that bonus.