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    Laser printing machine for charger housing

    Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/14

    (1) Connect the water pump and observe that the cooling circulating water pressure is normal
    (2) Turn on the laser power supply of the marking machine
    (3) Adjust all mirror and output mirror of laser to make laser output reach the best state
    (4) Turn on the acousto-optic switch power supply, set the RF switch to "RF on", set the control switch to "run", and fine tune the acousto-optic devices to turn off the laser. When the control switch is set to "test", there will be laser output. It shows that the acousto-optic devices and the acousto-optic power supply are in normal working state
    (5) Turn the control switch to "run", slowly increase the current of the marking laser until there is a weak laser output, and then fine tune the acousto-optic device to turn off the laser again. This is repeated several times until the laser cannot be turned off. At this time, the output power of the laser is called the turn off power
    Note: in the waiting state, please set the RF switch to "rf-on" and the control switch to "run"
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