How to become a good player

There is a big difference between being a poker player and being a good poker player. The most importance difference can often be seen in your wallet. Most poker players are loosing players that play for fun or in the hope of winning money although they seldom do. Than there are the good poker players. Good poker players are winning poker players that build their bankroll.

It is important to remember that being a good poker player at micro limit tables does not mean that you are a good or winning player at a high limit or even mid limit table. A part of being a good player is, according to us, to know one limitations and play on a level where they are winning. Sure, you might not stand a chance against the Phil Iveys and Phil Hellmuts of the world but if you are adding money to your bankroll on the level you choose to play at then you are a good player in our book. Another sign of being a good player is according to us to always strive to become a better play and to always try to learn more to be able to play at ever higher level and if possible on day be a challenger at the highest levels. It is however better to win on levels you master than go broke trying to move up in levels. You should therefor never be afraid to go down a level to gain more experience and rebuild your bankroll if you loose money after going up to a higher level.

The most important things to become a better poker player are:

  • Work on your discipline. It is very important to be disciplined when playing poker and not giving in to emotions or going tilt. Poker can at times be incredible boring. Especially when grinding and it will take discipline not to start playing stupid to make things more fun.
  • Always be observant. Every game you play should be a learning experience. You should learn from your mistakes as well as by looking at how other players play and act. This is true regardless of whether you play online or offline.
  • Remember to play your opponents as much as your cards. This can be hard to do on micro levels but becomes increasingly more important as you go up in levels.
  • Watch poker on TV, watch poker online, visit websites, read books, read magazines and everything else poker related you can get your hands on. There is always more to learn about poker and today there are a lot of different sources that can help you become a better player. It is important to analyze all information since books, TV and the internet is full of bad information. Include the good info in your game, ignore the bad. Sometimes it is necessary to try a technique before one is able to say whether or not it is good.
  • Do not be afraid to not play poker. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take a step back for a few days an analyze what went wrong. How to act in the future. It is also a good way to avoid tilting after a bad session.