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  • Marking Solutions

    Mopa fiber laser marking machine for Aluminum

    Mopa fiber laser marking machine for Aluminum,the marking depth is deeply and more

    black.It can mark on Aluminum of photo,2d code,serial number,company logo,model number,

    arc pattern etc.

    And our factory provide the customize service,also including rotary,vertical column,flying online

    types.Choose zixu machine works and  Mopa fiber laser marking machine is also choose good quality and service.

    Mopa fiber laser marking machine for Aluminum

    Chongqing ZiXu Machine works, is a professional engaged in marking machine design and industrial enterprises. Founded in 2006, covers an area of 2000 square meters. In annual production of 500 sets of laser marking machine,500 sets dot peen marking machine and electric marking machine,more over 100000 pieces marking stylus.Products are exported to all countries in the world,Such as the India, Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil, South Korea and other more than and 30 countries . After we continue to improve and perfect the product quality has been achieved CE, ISO9001, FDA, TUV certificate, won the domestic and foreign large number of customers favor and approval.

    Mopa fiber laser marking machine for Aluminum

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