Beginner mistakes

All poker players make mistakes from time to time. Beginners are however more prune to mistakes and many of the most common beginner mistakes can easily be avoided. Avoiding the mistakes will both help you to avoid losing interest in the game as well as saving you money you would otherwise lose. Below you can find a list of common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Overestimating their ability. This is the by far biggest mistake made by beginners online. You should always start at a very low level and work you way up. Playing at a 1/2c table might not seem very glamorous but it is none the less a lot better to start at this level and hopefully quickly going up to higher level than it is to start to high and lose ones money. USD0.5/1 might seem very low but you have to remember that online poker is a global game and money might be worth a lot more to some people than it is to you. For some people winning just USD10 a day might make for a decent living. Add to this that players are recommended to start low and build their bankroll as they make their way up in the world of poker and it is not hard to understand that a deceptively low level such as USD0.5/1 might be home to a lot of players that are a lot better than you are.
  • Playing drunk. Poker is best played while sober or mildly intoxicated. Playing after drinking a lot seldom ends well.
  • Chasing hands. A lot beginners can fall in low with the potential of their hand rather than the hand they actually have and refuse to fold in the hope of hitting the card they need. Although you might get lucky and hit a card even if the odds are against you should avoid playing hands where the pot odds is against you.
  • Not knowing pot odds. The pot odds decide whether or not it is worth staying in a hand and is the odds of you improving your hand (to a winning hand) compared to the amount money you need to bet to stay in the hand. Pot odds are to complex to explain here but I strongly recommend that you read an article on the topic.
  • Falling in love with their pre flop hand. A good pre flop hand can be worthless after the flop and if that is the case it is important to fold it.
  • Ignoring bank roll management and taking too big risks. If you want to be a long term successful player you will need to manage your bankroll and let your bankroll decide the buy ins of the games you choose to play in.
  • Letting their emotions decide, Going with their cuts. Poker is a game of odds and the brain will be a lot better guide than the heart ever will.
  • Doing things for fun. Their is nothing wrong in playing poker fun but if you want to be a winning player it can be very expensive to goof around and it is best to play the opponents and the odds while ignoring if it the fun play or not. In the end it usually more fun to leave the table a winner than it is to make on crazy fun bet on a hand that you are likely to lose.